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Shiksha Kranti is the public face of NGO- Global Education Sensitization Society. GESM or Shiksha Kranti is Not For Profit Organization that has been delivering its services for last ten years.

Donation is just like watering a plant to help its grwoth.

The very thought of making a donation or giving DANA is a reflection of divinity inside us humans. All living beings breathe, inhaling and exhaling the air of giving and take.

A natural inclination within us to share things with others is a Nature's way of telling us to give society in return for what we have taken from it. From the cradle to the grave, whatever we owe to society can hardly be paid back with the best will in the world. If done to the right recipient at the right time and place, the donation is undoubtedly the noblest act of service to mankind that a person can do during his lifetime.

The history of mankind is replete with the great examples of those who donated most of their possession so that humanity is taken forward on the path of righteousness. Dadhichi donated the very bones of his life, Karna gave his life-saving Kundlas in bounty, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa dedicated their life to the service of the downtrodden and the unprivileged so that Dharma prevailed over Adharma! And the righteousness is restored to their time! As donors, Our contemporary benefactors such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Aziz are in a league of their own. Some make a donation in the spirit of charity for charity's sake and others do donation to a charity as a part of their corporate social responsibility. The former may or may not have a reason to give whereas the latter has a clear idea of their beneficent virtue. Whatever the motive, donation awakens in humans' social conscience which in turn acts as the very basis of humane social co-existence. Hence, it becomes the moral and social duty of everyone in society to donate whatever s/he can in cash or kind. 

Still fresh into volunteering, we present to the world our pledge of self-less service to mankind in words and deeds! We solemnly promise our donors a hundred percent transparency in the act of receiving and spending the donation !

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