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Mother Earth, the only Green Planet known in the Universe !

But do we really care? The earth has started losing the green cover which is a matter of grave concern for the plants are the only hope that we, the human beings have else far is not the day when life on earth shall go extinct. The exploitation world over has resulted in this calamity but we must take steps before its too late. Grow a Plant Each is the initiative of Shiksha Kranti-Global Education Sensitization Society not only to promote this culture amongst the youth but also to inculcate in them the value for caring the most important ingredient of life. 

Shiksha Kranti-GESM-NGO Solan believes that we owe our life to plants and if plants fade out from our environment, our end is somewhere near. Shiksha Kranti-GESM takes initiative to grow more trees an plants so that green cover could be enhanced in India in particular andworld over in genera. It has project Each grow a plant set in this tone open to public to volunteer for us.
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