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All is well !

Priyanka Sharma

How can we say that "all is really well" in life ?

We are living in the world where everything is being tested on the touch stone of commercialization, be it knowledge or information. We are living in a society where nobody wants to be social with a sense of humanity and compassion. it is all about the commercial with a cut throat competition ! We are really living in a society where people feel themselves satisfied by uploading pictures on social media, showing their branded wears, cars and luxurious houses for some thumbs up and likes. Of course, thete is nothing bad in doing so !but we lose the sight of the real good, when we  limit our happiness to the concrete in virtual ways, caring not that happiness itself is an abstract aspect of life. 

How transitory happiness we are chasing ! The moment we lose anything in terms of money and material, our happiness begins to fade away abruptly in no time. Isn't it because the happiness that we seek and feel is but outer and materialistic, not inner or spiritual ? I think yes. So if we want to feel the real happiness, we should feel the inner beauty of life. We should know the inner nature of life ! We must turn inwards, as demands the time from us to turn inwards in the backdrop of covid pandemic !

No human can ever feel content from his/her life if they are not able to know the true nature of life. As we desire many things from life, life also desires some thing from us in return. As we are provided with food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter to live in in life, it is our right to use and respect all these things. But, at the same time, It also becomes our duty not to abuse, misuse consume anything in excess, especially in blind pursuit of happiness in life. If our rights and duties do not go hand in hand, how can we say "all is well" ?

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Ananya Imagine
Ananya Imagine
02. Jan. 2021

Hello Beautiful People!

I wrote this poem after spotting the pugmarks of a mountain leopard while taking a morning stroll. I hope you enjoy this and take away a very special message. You can also visit my instagram page: to stay close to mother nature. Do share your thoughts with me after reading this poem.

I'm the forest mystic,

One moment I'll be right in front of you,

But you won't see me,

I walk as if an invisible crown rests on my head,

I grace the leaves with my elegant strides as if a cloak of invincibility and prowess follows me,

I make my way, unafraid, unabashed about the last meal I ate a few days ago,


Gefällt mir
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