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Ban on Apps boon in India !

Neelam Rajput

Indian government has banned 59 apps of  Chinese origin in India in the wake of clash over the border between China and India. The government did so in the interest of national security in particular and citizens' privacy in general. 

Given less use and more abuse of these apps in India, I think, our government should have done it way earlier ! Anyway better late than never ! 

Of course, there are anti Chinese sentiments prevailing in the country. This may give the critics a strong reason to enitrely brush aside the idea of banning apps as a populist ploy of politics. They may call it a mere "ploy" "cosmetic measure"  and what not ! But when I look at the matter under question from a teacherly prospective, I find the ban over apps justified in more ways than one. Being a teacher, I come across many woebegone parents whose children have fallen in the addiction's traps of apps. I know the ban may not be a complete solution to their problem, but it is certainly a good step in the direction of solution. It shall certainly make us realize the value of control and restrain. 

I am with government of India in this regard as by doing so it is doing good not only to the national security but also providing at least a stopgap measure to safeguard the economic interests of nation, upholding its territorial integrity.

As we are In the throes of Covid-19 pandemic, the government is beset with a number of challenges right from boosting domestic markets to the lessening the dependency on our neighbours in terms of imports. I hope our government will soon take strong and solid steps to step up indigenous manufacturing plants back at home and bolster the import substitution for the domestic push in the crisis of pandemic. I wish our government good luck with its 'Vocal for Local' slogan for the larger welfare of the nation. Jai Hind.

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