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Brain Impressions

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Happiness. Or should I say true happiness. What is it? Can we ever get there?

A child thinks "If I get a candy I'll be happy". A teenager thinks "If I get attention, I'll be really happy"

A young adult thinks "If I have lots of money, I'll be happy"

A middle aged man thinks" If I have a life partner and some kids, I'll be happy"

An elderly man thinks "If I try to be spiritual, I'll be happy"

At every stage of one's life, one's goals and their accomplishment decides whether one will be happy.

So, you see this happiness is and will always be conditional.

This is a temporary form of happiness.

You become a billionaire, gr8!

Now what? What after a few days or months? Will you still be so exhilarated?

Anxieties will dawn on you because now you want to accumulate, to maintain your status.

What is the end then? Is there any?

I would say Yes!

Today's Brain Impression: Let not the outcome of an event decide yor happiness. Just be happy. Just be. For no reason.

Its not spirituality, its logic. Aren't you tired of getting up and down all the time?

I certainly know one way of keeping your spirits high all the time. Nature.

I encourage you to spend sometime everyday in nature's company without your gadgets. She is the ultimate therapist. All you have to do is sit back and relax with her.

Hey beautiful people! Glad you reached the bottom!

Do share your thoughts and feel free to interact in comment section.


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