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Happy world Environment Day !

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

- Satyan

For a nature's lover like me, it is deeply saddening to see how there is much cry and little wool in the name of saving our environment across the world every year. It is really disheartening to see how such day as world environmental day revolves around the celebration's cycle of formalism year in, year out. I feel bombarded with a lot of homilies on the do's and dont's of environment friendliness, from left, right and center !

Come this day, Our smart phone screens get fully uploaded with the greetings and wishes of the day, only to be replaced with some new posts of our photo ops or something of the sort sooner than later. The useful messages on our screens quickly give way to other sensational shares on the social media that guarantee us 'a real kick' ! 

There are a number of so called environmental activities done out there that threaten to ruin my peace of mind every year. But these activities, however very disturbing in their nature they may be, fail to do so. Nothing really upsets my composure, thanks to the blessings and encouragement I continue to receive from those in the society who mean business without profit regarding environment conservation. Who at their individual levels are well into saving mother nature in their own rights. They really encourage and  inspire me to plant trees with a strong sense of  responsibility for their upbringing and upkeeps. I owe the success of my doing environmental saving activities throughout year to such duty-bound citizens of my country. It is due to the best wishes and works of the volunteers working with me in SHIKSHA-KRANTi that I have had the requite strength to put my hands, head and heart to clean up the public places in wherever I am asked to do so in my country. In short, I must say that small steps taken by the awakened citizens in the direction of serving mother nature, has begun to desirable results. Of course, there is yet to go far !

On this world environment day, it is time to do our bit in nursing mother nature back to health ! It is high time we remind ourselves of the fact that the health of us humans entirely depend s on the health of Environment around us. If we don't do so even in the backdrop of pandemic, then we will have to be prepared to live with things like Coronas only to die a premature death !

Special Thanks to : Narender Sen ji (BO Forest) Manesh Thakur ji (Forest guard) Dr Anu Thakur (RO Forest)

 Happy world environment day !- Satyan

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