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My Take on Life

Abhinandan Bhardwaj

If I talk about my approach to life, I can't see the humanity suffering at the hands of systems. The system  however may be religious or political. I can see how we humans  are running after the wealth at the cost of our health. We seem to have joined blindly the rat race. We are doing inhumane things beyond  imagination . For example, we are chasing sensual happiness even if it costs Mother Nature her health, it costs an innocent elephant her life  ! 

I strongly disapprove of the life that is being lived out today. I want to live  life which is not all about money.  it doesn't mean that I don't need money. Yes, I need it only to meet basic necessities of life.  It is my dream of life that I shall spend my life in the mountains of Himalayas.  By amassing wealth more then needed  can't bring me peace. I know for sure !

It is because of our blind  pursuit of materialism that we  have dissociated from nature, the very base of our life. Living in harmony with nature we can joyfully live our life, but we have set the bar of living standards too high these days. I want  to earn my livelihood by the sweat of my brow.  "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread." rightly says the Bible ! I want to live life listening to the soothing music of nature. I want my feet to slip off and on while walking through woods. I want my hand to float freely in the water. I want my body to dance to the tunes of birds chirping and leaves fluttering in the breeze ! I want my nose to feel the fragrance of the mountain roses! I want to synchronize my life with the changing rhythms of Mother Nature ! I want to  create the stories of my own ! I want to write the poems and sing them while taking bath in the cold water of river flowing through the mountains ! After bathing under water fall, I want my clattering teeth to act as muse for poems ! I want to  start my day with sunrise ! I want to get settled in the mountains of the Himalaya, far away from the noise and pollution of modern life, so that I could die satisfied. When I die I want to see the trees beside me not tears !

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