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Stop Scrolling Your Social Media Feed Endlessly!

Becky had fallen in the digital black hole to escape reality. How foolish she was to think that watching a tik-tok/YouTube video would solve all of her real-world problems. Every time she felt stressed by a situation, a mode of escape was in her hands all the time - the phone. Naturally, one video or even umpteen videos could not save her from stress and anxiety, so she kept scrolling down and down in the digital black hole, in search of some solace. Living far away from her parents who lived in a small village, she had no real friends to talk to in the big city of dreams, New York. As each day passed, she became more and more connected to the digital space and lesser and lesser to herself. Emotions, anxieties, regrets and guilt were left deep inside her and she never had the time to sort them out or address them. Ultimately, Becky became depressed and is now undergoing psychiatric treatments.

Poor Becky, I wish she had known that solace cannot be found in Social Media, It can only be found within and in good company. How many of us can relate with Becky? I’m sure each one of us know someone in our circle who seems like her, who looks happy and is hooked to social media, but deep down is dealing with a lot of mental issues. Not dealing with our realities and finding refuge in social media is only going to make our problems worse. Instead of burying our feelings deep inside and moving on, it’s okay to express and its okay to share our thoughts with our friends. But this is possible only if our friends are available for us. Most of them are too victims of social media abuse. They too waste their energies on social media and then have no energy left to cater to other’s needs.

So our entire generation’s consciousness needs a transformation. This is only possible if we start from ourselves and try to cut a few minutes from social media and spend those minutes with our friends and family. It’s time to recreate interpersonal relationships, not on the web, but in person. Only then suicides, crimes and depression can be avoided and we can create a joyful atmosphere for everyone we come in contact with.

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