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Unlock with care, safety and caution...

- Chandani

We have completed four phases of national lock-down. On 24th march 2020, the government of India under the prime minister ship of Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lock-down to prevent the covid-19 pandemic from spreading across the country. On 30th may it was announced that the ongoing lockdown would be further extended till 30th  June in containment zones with some restrictions in place. Where certain services were announced to be resumed in a phased manner starting from June 8 onward. 

It was obvious that the focus of the fifth phase of lock-down would be more on reopening the economy, so it was appropriately named as unlock 1.

Now the unlock phase on, the thrust is more and more on re-opening. 

As most of the economic activities had come to standstill, the easing up of the stringent lock-down restrictions  became necessary. The temporary migrants, daily wage earners, self employed individuals and salaried workers had faced many challenges during the lock-down. All segments of the economy were affected. It was the economically weakest section of society that was the worst hit. 

The nine weeks long lock-down has certainly achieved some of its targets such as slowing down the spread of virus and identifying the containment zones. Now the continuation of the lock-down may not be of much use as who knows the pandemic may last longer than expected. The need of the hour is to revive the economy by spotlighting the hard hit service sectors and agricultural sectors of economy.

 It is rightly done that the activities are being resumed in the malls, hotels, restaurants and 

other places of work in non-containment zones in India. Almost unfettered movement of goods and persons within or between the states has rightly been allowed.

 But, that doesn't mitigate the threat of the virus at all. Here comes the big responsibility of the people to follow some social norms to save themselves and the nation from pandemic.

Most infections have been found in few cities and states where coming and going of people were allowed. 

So dear citizens of India, be prepared to take Corona head on. As the virus spreads through droplet transmission, be aware while making social interaction with each other. Speaking addiction may cost life ! 

There is a dire need for the mass awareness to be created regarding public communication ! The experience and expertise of ngos like Shiksha-Kranti can come in very handy as they have already working for the same for long. 

So dear public, the caution and safety is the best remedy as the vaccine has still to come and the peaking of infection is yet to take place. Our safety is in our hands. Let's follow the protocols necessary for the prevention of covid-19. Let us make the social distancing and wearing of masks as the part of our daily routine. 

Of course, the governments should ensure that the programs of health awareness are frequently conducted. They should see to it that those who have been most affected by the lock-down are extended financial help and other supports.

Let's all unlock with care, safety and caution ! 

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