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What Corporates do not Want you to know!

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Having spent over four years working in corporates and closely working with the business departments, I have realized one crucial truth: Companies will do anything….anything to make you buy their product.

Be it the “Fair and Lovely” cream, which promises teenage girls, who are still in the phase of knowing themselves, of ultimate fairness and attention by the opposite sex or the Bournvita drink, which essentially implies that one is not a good mother unless she gives her child Bournvita every day, all of them play on one crucial emotion: Fear. Most brands create fears in our minds, fears about not getting married ever, about losing our jobs, about missing the good life, about ill health, I can go on and on.

So you get my point by now, all these brands will do anything to make you buy their tacky products. None of the products, in reality, are what they portray in advertisements. Fair and lovely cream covers one’s face with a white, chalky emulsion and Bournvita is nothing but sugars and carbs. But we hardly ever bother to read the product ingredients and the proportions used. Most herbal shampoos today will have .05% of the herb and 99.95% of chemicals, but we still buy them because in the advertisement we saw a beautiful girl swirling her hair in the lush green forest. This is how suggestible we have become.

So many products claim that they are Eco-Friendly. What I want to know whether these products are eco-friendly or sustainable? There is a huge difference. I saw a premium coffee range online and ordered one after their claims of being eco-friendly. After receiving the product, I realized that they are just using paper as their packing material instead of plastic. Well that is definitely an ecofriendly move.

But is it sustainable? What about the trees that were used to produce that paper. How many trees would be used by this very company for its packaging material? I fear to know this.

Why did they not use recycled paper? Now that is sustainable option.

But all their online advertisements are misleading and just like me, so many people would have bought the product reading that it is environmental friendly. And look at the marketing of these electric cars by Tesla. In reality, none of them is ecofriendly. I have spoken about electric cars in detail here:

Friends, next time, whatever you buy, do not go by the ads. Here is a list of things you need to ask yourself before buying a product:

1. Do you really need this?

2. Are you buying this for the right reasons?

3. Are you well informed about the product?

4. Is this made in China? (Seriously after what China is up to these days this should be on our list)

5. Are the ingredients in line with your motive of buying that product?

6. Is this product causing harm to Mother Nature? (If we do not buy, companies will have to think of sustainable alternatives to survive)

So friends, I hope you liked this small informative piece. Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts as well. You can reach out to me on:

Much Love!

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