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Clean in Green- Shiksha Kranti in Cleanliness Campaign in Green City Solan


A single plant grown is bliss for the environment. So take this initiative yourself or help us do the bit for you. You can sponsor a plantation campaign for a team of 10-12 members and we shall organize a campaign for you and update you about this campaign with photographs, news articles, and video recordings if possible.


Cleanliness has become the need of the hour and given the state of affairs, if steps are not taken today, the things will further worsen leaving this planet merely a garbage bin. Help us save the mother nature and we shall organize a cleanliness campaign with your help.


Donation for a noble cause is money well spent. It is also your contribution towards making a positive change. You can help us raising funds for the various projects of social welfare. Your contribution and support is the most valuable possession this organization shall have. 

Being a social welfare organization we are always faced with the difficulty of men power. This is your chance to serve your soul. If you want to contribute , do volunteer for us. You can join us in plantation campaigns, cleanliness campaigns or in conducting workshops in various educational institutions. Your help is much needed and valued for. 

Big organizations have always played an integral role in the growth and development of the nation and so do they pioneer today. We seek the support of such organization which voluntarily want to support us either by donating or by helping with men power. 

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