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The Forest Mystic

Hello Beautiful People!

I wrote this poem after spotting the pugmarks of a mountain leopard while taking a morning stroll. I hope you enjoy this and take away a very special message. Do share with me your thoughts after reading this poem.

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I'm the forest mystic,

One moment I'll be right in front of you,

But you won't see me,

I walk as if an invisible crown rests on my head,

I grace the leaves with my elegant strides as if a cloak of invincibility and prowess follows me,

I make my way, unafraid, unabashed about the last meal I ate a few days ago,

I never saw someone challenge me until I saw a tall figure that eeringly, walks on two legs,

At first, he looked soft and fragile,

He had nothing that could be a concern to me,

But I could sense that there is something more to him,

Something he had, which was so callous

Callous than I could ever be.

After all, he vanished my home to built his own.

I feed when I cannot take hunger anymore,

I'm not a sadist.

But he doesn't stop even if he seems to have all that he needs.

His hunger never stops, his face never looks contended.

What is this specie?

I patrolled the forest, pondering about him,

Suddenly, I heard a loud thud, louder than anything I ever heard.

The birds on the trees jumped in the air,

I could hear the monkeys panic, even I couldn't scare them to such a degree,

I slowly cat walked, towards that awful sound,

I crouched and made my way as close as possible, peeking through the long weeds,

I saw my brother lay asleep,

Wait! What are these two legged creature doing here?

They had a strange , sharp object in their paw,

They pricked his skin with it,

"Brother! Why don't you stop them? Why are you letting them touch you?" My heart pounding like never before,

No matter how much I tried to suppress, the reality couldn't be denied,

My brother had passed away,

Filled with grief and rage, I prepared to pounce,

And then suddenly, I heard meek calls,

Calls that melted my heart in an instant,

Calls that restrained my impulse,

And now nothing else mattered more than them,

I retreated,

And I gave a reassuring touch to my cubs,

I had never been as agile and careful before,

I took them to a water hole, a special place where my mother once brought me,

And hid them where his eyes could never see.

I'm the forest mystic

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