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A Wake Up Call!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

A sound mind is not only a personal asset but also an asset to the entire community. A messed up mindset is the source of so many personal and social ills which could range from an undisciplined lifestyle to committing crimes. We have laws in place to take care of a few things which affect the community as a whole. Unfortunately, we have been treating symptoms and not the root causes, which is why we haven’t been able to create a crime free, pollution free or an honest society.

What about environmental degradation? Most people do not even consider themselves responsible for this phenomenon. Cleanliness is considered a divine virtue, a virtue to achieve equanimity and to unlock one’s creative potential. Let alone planting trees, most people do not bother about keeping their own home’s surroundings clean. Can a country like ours truly become a “Developed Nation” this way? Do we have the necessary clean infrastructure which can give us a sense of pride, a sense of creativity, a sense of sustainability and a sense of clarity? These are some potent questions we must ponder on.

Take a look at some stats. According to a recent blog post by India Today in 2019, India has been generating more than 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of solid waste every day. Surprisingly, approx 15,000 MT of garbage remain exposed every day and almost 55 lakh MT of solid waste is disposed in open areas each year, which leads to "severe" pollution level. According to a 2016 United Nations report, India produced 20 lakh tonne of e-waste. Out of the estimated 20 lakh tonne of e-waste only 0.7% of the total e-waste was processed.

These stats do not even account for the waste we as a community dispose off recklessly around our homes, during our travel excursions, on the mountains, on the roads and even in the ditches. By waste, I mean the non-biodegradable waste, which will sit and pile up for years and years unless someone picks it up. But what do we as a citizen do? We blame the authorities for not doing the job or we simply close our eyes by saying to ourselves that “Our home is clean. What else do we want?”

Remember your last excursion. How many times you threw a chips/chocolate/candy wrapper just about anywhere. How many times you spit with all your machoism on the roads or on public walls. How many times have you walked past an open pile of garbage feeling unfazed? Have you ever felt pain in your heart when you saw a large area cleared off its natural beauty just to create a hotel or a large residential accommodation? How many times have you stopped others from littering in the open?

The root cause is a “chalta hai attitude” because we are living in a fool’s paradise that all this degradation does not and will not affect us. The reality is that it does. Big time. Have you ever wondered why our great-great grandparents had such a long life span? Why their lives were so uncomplicated? Or why they were at ease? Well environmental conditions had a huge role to play. Things are in a downward spiral and will become worse if we, the youth, do not join our forces to combat the status quo.

We here at Shiksha Kranti have a sole purpose of gathering forces to bring this eminent transformation. We intend to get our message across to all the responsible and smart individuals who will help create a better India and a truly developed India.

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