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Reviving the art of writing letter..

- Tarun Verma 

In the rat race of so-called development where the pace of change is lightning faster than ever, It is evident that we are leaving behind the inheritance of art, culture, skills that should come naturally to us. We are not able to take out the art of doing things that we are born with, given the fact that our ancestors did it very well.

Letter writing is one such art. Where our being tech savvy has added a lot to the sagacity of mankind, it has also eroded the existence of such arts and skills.

Writing letters is an art more than skill through which we can 'ink' our ideas and thoughts on paper. It allows and enable us to think, explore and give wings to our imagination, but unfortunately this technical era has clearly clipped the wings of imagination, robbing us of the joy of creativity. 

As a whole, this might sound true, but individually, nothing should stop us from trying our hands at it.

Come what may, we should read and write more and more so as to hone uo our skills of writing. We shall work , we shall enjoy watching the skill developing into art, adding to our credentials.

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