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Dr. Satish Kumar Shukla

That is what China did in Ladakh, and there is no recovering. Confucius forgot teaching the Chinese the English wisdom 'let sleeping dogs lie'.

Now is Tibet fresh in world public mind all over again- Tibetan independence the next Chinese fall into their self made trap. And they station their jets in POK, yet another provocation! Taiwan is ever so sharp on its sovereignty. Is Hong Kong any behind?

And then that war juggernaut America, not to speak of many a stake holder more, not the least those in and around the South China Sea. All so many opponents and their Sun Yet studied treachery derived war dogmas. What about the ever elusive uncertainty nature element into the war equation? Fake is fake; China is not original. The West is original. The Vietnamese gave the Chinese a bloody nose when the Mings set out to teach the Viets a lesson. Indians will make mincemeat of the Chinese. They gave a sampling, never mind the Chinese deception. Most of all, the Chinese do not know nor realize communists are, in the world drama, the villain of the piece, and always destined to lose in the end. Soviets exhibited that ill fated destiny. Chinese can keep on with their day dreaming. Time will settle the rest. The only weak link in this chain is the Indian dithering. Let Indians, for example, help Tibetans establish an army much like the Mukti Bahini of once. Best of all yet: China is in the wrong. It has no locus standi in Tibet. All these decades have made little difference to the Tibetan peoples' right to their independence, not to speak of their plight. Worst of all, China is throwing in its lot with Pakistan, a state anyway ultra vires. Both will end up harming each other in the end. And then a Veto Power should set good examples, not those bad. The trump card(s) truly are in Indian hands. A blessing in disguise situation. The smarter Indians now move, the shorter will get the Chinese expansion elan ‘leash’. We do not live in Invasion Age. It's damn it ultra tech age in which satellites catch everything and anything going on anywhere and everywhere much before it turns 'live’ into operations.

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