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On World Environment Day, Read a poem by a Nature Lover

When the trills and twitters wake me up,

And when the somber rays tickle my eyelids,

I hop out of my bed,

In a queer sense of excitement,

A curiosity of mine,

That never somehow quenches,

“What would Mother Nature let me see today?”

I still couldn’t forget the spectacle of yesterday,

It was a balmy evening,

The cirrostratus swathed the lucent sky.

Light entered through their curls,

And fell on the ground,

Forming ladders that converged to the heavens.

The sleepy heads,

Tired of the scouting, bawling and zooming,

Returned into their nests and burrows.

I sat below a small white oak,

To dissolve into Mother Nature’s melody,

With each breeze that stroked my face,

I surrendered more and more.

I ran my fingers into the grass,

And felt the soil beneath,

And all that gushed uncontrollably,

from my heart,

Was gratitude .

The wind is her breath,

The mountains are her bones,

The rivers are her veins and

The sunlight is her eyesight.

She lives among us!

She is real!

Just try to feel her.

And then,

You would not need any lectures,

Or any sermons

Or a day to remember her.

For you will become one.

Happy World Environment Day!

- By Ananya Saxena

Do share your experiences and love for Environment in the comment section below!

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